Putting a Stop to Safety & Security Threats in Schools

Students should be able to attend school without worrying about experiencing bullying, sexual harassment, or violence. Unfortunately, research has shown just over half of students feel safe at school.

In an earlier blog post, we introduced PHLY's partnership with STOPit, a digital tool that helps our school and university clients. When the New Jersey-based company rolled out its mobile app, the 'it' in STOPit referred to bullying. It gave teachers, students, and other concerned bystanders the ability to anonymously report and hopefully stop incidents of bullying and harassment. Now, the 'it' in STOPit has expanded beyond bullying incidents and can provide a more comprehensive mobile reporting solution for schools.

STOPit: 'it' means Inappropriate Behavior...

When it comes to sexual harassment or inappropriate relationships between a student and teacher, it can be difficult for students to come forward. STOPit's anonymous reporting platform has been used successfully in these situations.

STOPit in action: Through the STOPit App, students anonymously reported a coach who had been sexually molesting students. Through our anonymous two-way messaging, admins were able to ask for more information, solidifying proof and alerting police. The coach was caught and prosecuted.

STOPit: 'it' means Violent Threats...

Violent threats have been a growing concern and many schools are training employees and students to be vigilant in reporting suspicious people or even behavior in their peers. But who do they report to if they see something? STOPit provides the means for schools to receive these reports and act before a tragedy occurs.

STOPit in action: In Wisconsin, a school received an anonymous report via our mobile app about a student's behavior and escalated the reported incident. When police arrived to the student's home, they found weapons and an attack plan. Law enforcement arrested and confiscated the weapons and the school never experienced a catastrophe.

STOPit: 'it' means Roadblocks to Mental Health Assistance...

Mental health is a very personal issue. It can be difficult for students to come forward with concerns about another's troubling comments or social media posts. STOPit provides an avenue where a concerned student, or even the individual themselves, can seek help.

STOPit in action:
Our anonymous reporting software was used in Texas by a student that was contemplating suicide due to relentless bullying. Thankfully, in partnership with the school and our 24/7 monitoring agents, that student is now getting the help they needed.

STOPit: 'it' could mean...

STOPit's various use cases mean more opportunities for PHLY's school policyholders to be alerted of important student issues. When you choose to STOPit with PHLY, you have the following in your corner to help provide a safe environment for employees, students, and others:

  • The STOPit App, Web & Hotline - anonymous reporting app for employees, students, and citizens
  • STOPit Admin - easy-to-use dashboard for incident management and reporting so that you can spot trends in your organization
  • 24/7 Monitoring - certified agent monitoring 356 days a year alerting you of emergency situations before they happen
  • Two-way Messenger - communicate with anonymous reporters in real time
  • Mental Health Content & Social Emotional Learning Library - shareable resources developed by industry experts that you can use for reporters in times of need including a 24/7 crisis call & text center
Learn more about this powerful tool and how you can STOPit with PHLY:

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