We offer training and services to improve the safety of your organization and protect your people and your profits. For those services where there is a fee arrangement, PHLY has pre-negotiated agreements with "Best in Class" vendors and does not receive any revenue from these alliances.

PureSafety Online Driver Training

Course One: Private Passenger and Light Duty Vehicles
Course Two: 15 Passenger Vans

PureSafety offers two unique interactive online defensive driver training courses designed to teach participants how to minimize the risks involved with driving any type of vehicle. Participants also learn how to avoid dangerous driving situations and improper driving techniques. These are skills that everyone should know and master, both on and off the job. The PureSafety training courses are available through our website at no cost to PHLY policyholders. A final exam and completion certificate are also available online.

SafetyFirst Fleet Monitoring Program

Named "Best in Class" for reducing automobile collisions and their related costs, SafetyFirst Systems, LLC ("SafetyFirst") provides a vehicle driver monitoring system uniquely geared towards the transportation industry. SafetyFirst's primary product is a driver performance feedback service that highlights risk-taking behaviors. Independent studies by major insurance companies have shown a 20-65% reduction in collisions when information developed by the program is used to coach drivers on their performance and influence a behavior change. "1-800-550-SAFE" decals are placed on the rear of commercial vehicles (vans, pick-ups, delivery trucks, tractor trailers, etc.) to encourage motorists to report risk-taking behaviors. Calls are received at staffed, 24/7 dedicated call centers for documentation and reporting.

Subject to negotiated terms, this program provides:

  • Sales and enrollment by SafetyFirst staff
  • Implementation and support materials
  • Coaching tools for managers
  • Countermeasure fact sheets for drivers
  • Report analysis (trend spotting) by SafetyFirst specialists
  • Real-time data at SafetyFirst's website (ad-hoc reporting and pre-formatted exception reports)
  • Monthly driver training package delivered by email


As a registered user to our website, you are eligible to receive our Risk Management Services E-Flyers. These e-flyers are bulletins sent out periodically containing information on specific risks facing our insureds. Below is a sampling of some archived e-flyers:

Responding to Risk Management Recommendations

The PHLY Risk Management Services department has streamlined the recommendation response process by offering our policyholders and agents a new and exciting way to respond to our recommendation letters online, via our website.

In order to take advantage of this exciting new feature, you must be a registered user of our website.


Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) is pleased to offer SMARTER NOW! online trainings for your business at no additional charge. PHLY customers can take advantage of this complimentary and customized learning management system (LMS). This distinctive service is designed to complement your existing risk management efforts and further protect your organization. PHLY's SMARTER NOW! LMS makes learning and training management both effective and efficient.

Please note: Your organization must appoint a Client Administrator who will be responsible to learn how the site operates and to manage your PHLY sponsored SMARTER NOW! learning management system (LMS). Access to courses is dependent upon the line(s) of coverage provided by PHLY.


SMARTER NOW! features:

  • Run your own training site and reports
  • Assign training courses to staff or volunteers
  • Interactive modules
  • Engaging video and training animation
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Quick and easy assignment and administrator oversight of training modules
  • Clear and practical management reports

Available trainings include (dependent on coverage):

  • Defensive & Distracted Drivers Training
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Fire Prevention and Protection
  • Blood borne Pathogens;
  • Aquatics - Shallow Water Blackout, Disappearing Dummies, 5 minute scanning strategies
  • Home Healthcare Patient Training
  • Home Health Abuse Prevention Training
  • Many more features and functions
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