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Benefits of PHLY Risk Management Services

PHLYRMS offers tailored resources, alliances, and service capabilities to achieve a multi-faceted approach to risk management, including:

  • Safety program development
  • Site surveys
  • Training

Effective communication between PHLY, the policyholder, and the servicing agency is a key ingredient to creating a win-win-win relationship when providing these services.

The RMS Interactions and Recommendations Portal gives both PHLY insureds and agents a window into services provided, access to documentation such as letters and reports, and provides an easy way to respond to recommendations made during a consultation visit.

Log in to MyPHLY to gain full access to our Risk Management resources, including the RMS Interactions and Recommendations Portal. If you do not already have a MyPHLY ID, go here to register and gain access to your policy information, online bill pay, and our Risk Management resources.

Risk Management Services

Email: Phlyrms@phly.com

Phone: 1-833-PHLYRMS (833-745-9767)

(Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET)

PHLY's Comprehensive Resources and Tailored Solutions

Every insured is unique, but below are some of the most common exposures organizations may encounter. Click and see how PHLY can assist in building strong risk management and safety programs to help mitigate these exposures that can be further tailored to an insured's specific operations.

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