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M&PL Risk Management Resources

Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) provides proactive risk management services for Management and Professional Liability (M&PL) policyholders.

About Management and Professional Liability Risks

In today's complex business landscape, Management Liability insurance is crucial for protecting against claims stemming from management decisions and actions. This coverage shields against allegations of wrongful acts, fiduciary breaches, and employment practices violations, providing essential financial protection and preserving the company's reputation.

Professional Liability insurance, also known as Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance, is equally vital for professionals. It offers customized solutions to mitigate risks associated with errors, omissions, and negligence in delivering professional services. Professionals across various sectors rely on this coverage to safeguard against potential liabilities and legal disputes.

Together, PHLY's Management and Professional Liability (M&PL) products offer comprehensive risk coverage. But in addition to best-in-class insurance coverage solutions, PHLY provides proactive risk management services to help businesses identify, assess, and mitigate risks effectively. The combination of these solutions and services empower businesses to navigate complex risk environments with confidence and resilience.

PHLY's Management and Professional Liability Risk Management Gateway (PHLYGateway)

Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) has partnered with The McCalmon Group, Inc. to create a powerful tool for PHLY insureds. The PHLY Management and Professional Liability Risk Management Gateway (The PHLYGateway) is a suite of resources aimed at helping mitigate losses and manage business risks.

The PHLYGateway provides the following at no-cost to PHLY insureds:


Virtual training modules are available for employees and managers on a wide range of topics, from state-specific Harassment and Discrimination to Wrongful Termination and Cybersecurity.


Schedule a consultation with a licensed professional who will provide best practices guidance on workplace risks. There is not limit to the number of calls or the time allotted per consultation. Find out more about the Best Practice Help Line here.


Access to sample documents and model policies and forms, including a comprehensive model Employee Handbook.


An expansive library of weekly articles covering topics such as Employee Relations and Human Resources, Leadership and Ethics, Loss and Litigation, and much more.

See more about this tool by downloading the flyer below!

PHLYGateway Contact

The McCalmon Group, Inc.

Phone: 888.712.7667


Additional Resources from PHLY

In addition to the powerful PHLYGateway, Cyber Security Liability policyholders have complimentary access to the eRisk Hub portal, powered by NetDiligence. Learn more about this and more available to our PHLY insureds.

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