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Culture of Community Service

TEAMPHLY believes in giving back to the communities where we live and work. We are committed to building thriving communities, promoting environmental stewardship, building an engaged and inclusive workforce, and delivering business results with integrity.

As one of the leading insurers of non-profit organizations, PHLY and its employees have completed over 150,000 volunteer hours since 2016 and contributed more than $55 million dollars to charitable organizations since 1980.

Stepping Up: Seeing Huge Smiles Through Shoes

TEAMPHLY is proud to partner with non-profit Shoes That Fit to give free athletic shoes to children. Through these efforts, we are helping to support the organization's uplifting work by giving kids the opportunity to confidently walk into their future.

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Kids with Shoes That Fit mascot.


TEAMPHLY believes all children deserve access to a safe and quality education.

Human Services

TEAMPHLY believes everyone deserves dignity, respect and the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

Health & Wellness

TEAMPHLY believes activities that promote better health and total wellness lead to improved quality of life.

Disaster Prevention & Recovery

TEAMPHLY believes in safety and security for all people.


TEAMPHLY believes the protection and improvement of the global environment is an important responsibility for all.

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