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3 Ways PHLY Thinks Out of the Box for Excess and Surplus Insurance

Even though small businesses make up over 99% of U.S. businesses, finding the insurance coverage they need can be difficult. Only 28% of small business owners have the necessary general liability and property insurance. Many insurers find it difficult to quote or underwrite these businesses' coverage because of their lack of history and loss runs.

Fortunately, agents and brokers can turn to Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) for E&S (excess and surplus insurance) coverage for their small business clients. PHLY leverages its deep knowledge and underwriting expertise across a wide range of niches and specialty markets to cover this underserved market.

When it comes to E&S coverage, PHLY offers your small business clients more.

Find Hard-to-Place Contractors' Insurance, Manufacturers' Insurance, and More

You can turn to PHLY to find non-admitted insurance coverage for your small-to-midsize business clients. Our E&S commercial general liability coverages, property and environmental coverages, and other plans fill a vital protection need your small business clients could have difficulty filling elsewhere.

3 Ways PHLY Does More for Your Small Business Clients

  1. Environmental Liability through our Environmental Account Solutions (EAS) process

This excess and surplus insurance protects small businesses from injury, property damage, remediation, and legal issues resulting from contamination incidents. These environmental insurance products include, among others:

  • Storage Tank Environmental Policies with quick quotes, for protection from remediation expenses caused by environmental contamination from above-ground or underground storage tanks

As employees who've been working remotely return to office buildings that have been empty during the pandemic, small businesses will want and need insurance to protect them from liability claims related to mold, legionella, and other environmental dangers that may have developed.

  1. A Small Business Solutions (SBS) team for a quick turnaround

Does your client fall into the non-admitted category in the $3,000-$15,000 premium range? PHLY has a dedicated Small Business Solutions (SBS) unit to handle these quotes for commercial general liability, property, and excess coverages.

SBS non-admitted business classes that can take advantage of the fast quote stream include:

  • Contracting

    Artisan trade contractors, general contractors, custom home builders, owners interest, and project-specific contractors (not available in the state of New York)
  • Commercial Real Estate

    Retail stores, Lease rent option (LRO), vacant land, vacant buildings, flea markets, strip malls, commercial warehouses, and other locations
  • Manufacturing

    Machine shops, tools, appliances, metal fabricators, sporting goods, toys, auto parts, exercise equipment, plastic products, and cosmetics
  • Hospitality

    Restaurants, theaters, catering halls, concerts, special events, and more

Using SBS, agents can quickly get the answers their clients need about manufacturers insurance, general liability insurance for contractors, or other coverages.

Send your request for a quote to the small business inbox: smallbusinesssubmission@phly.com. The SBS team will respond within 24 hours, and then send you a quote, a request for more information, or a declination within 48 hours to 72 hours. (Find out more about the Fast Quote Stream and other small business services.)

  1. We go the distance for E&S solutions

Our experience across more than 120 niche markets means we know all the reasons your clients need insurance. We also know a "one size fits all" plan won't fit everyone.

When it comes to your small business clients that have trouble getting insurance elsewhere, turn to PHLY for one or more of our customizable E&S solutions. With our A++ (Superior) rating from AM Best, you can trust we'll be here for you and your clients whenever you need us.

Remember: Only 28% of small business owners have general liability and property insurance. But with a little help from PHLY, you can make sure your clients get the coverage they need.

Review more information about your primary excess and surplus insurance solutions. Or talk to us directly about those accounts you can't find coverage for elsewhere.

Speak with our underwriting experts across the country who know your area well, and get all your small business clients the coverage and peace of mind they deserve.

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