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Your Questions, Answered: FAQs about Higher Education Insurance

For more than 25 years, Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) has offered exceptional and cost-effective insurance solutions for educational institutions. PHLY specializes in Higher Education insurance for colleges and universities with 10,000 or fewer enrolled students and provides excellent insurance products that cover everything from general liability, property, educators legal liability, employment practices liability as well as risk management solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Higher Education Insurance

Higher Education insurance is a specialized product with specific coverages designed to protect colleges and universities against the numerous hazards they may face. PHLY offers dedicated insurance packages tailored to fit the needs of our higher education clients. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our coverage.

Does PHLY cover college sporting events?

PHLY offers excellent coverage for college athletic events, provided there are CDC concussion procedures in place at the institution. Contact sports injuries like concussions and traumatic brain injuries are a major issue in higher education, costing colleges millions of dollars every year. PHLY's coverage options include participant accident and student accident insurance to protect college staff members and student-athletes in the event of an incident.

Does PHLY cover extracurricular events?

Yes. Colleges and universities often host extracurricular events both during the academic year and during school breaks. PHLY covers a wide range of these extracurricular activities for our higher education clients. Some examples include:

  • Special Events and volunteer service activities
  • Arts and performance events
  • Multicultural activities
  • Academic events
Many colleges and universities also host summer camps and recreation programs - many of which may involve minors. Because of our decades of experience in risk management, we bring a high level of expertise in protecting minors for extracurricular events on college campuses. In this area, we offer superior abuse prevention services, which includes access to:

What risk management services does PHLY offer?

PHLY's insurance programs for higher education feature a number of risk management solutions that are designed specifically for educational institutions. PHLY offers several trainings and materials that cover topics such as:

  • Active shooter training and campus security
  • Sexual abuse awareness training
  • Suicide prevention training
  • Skillful screening for prospective employees (with special discounts on background checks)
PHLY also offers a hotline for legal consultations for employment related issues when coverage is purchased from PHLY and property evaluations to help prevent common occurrences like pipe freezing. All of these risk management solutions from PHLY are designed to meet the unique needs of colleges and universities.

What does PHLY offer for fleet and vehicle safety?

For automobile risk management, PHLY offers the PHLYTrac telematics program for colleges and universities. This program features a GPS tracking solution that provides real-time insights into driving behavior, creating opportunities for corrective measures and lowered driver risks. Ideal for college and university vehicles, this is offered at no additional cost to eligible PHLY customers. PHLY offers superior auto coverage that includes several benefits such as:

  • Coverage for owned, non-owned, and hired vehicles
  • Liability and physical damage coverage
  • Rental reimbursement
  • Coverage for fleets including 60+ passenger buses

What experience does PHLY have with sexual harassment and assault claims?

As colleges have seen a rise in sexual assault reports and lawsuits, this issue is increasingly a major concern for higher education institutions. PHLY's dedicated background in human services allows us to offer advanced expertise and support in this area, as we have handled sexual assault and abuse claims in our more than 30 years of experience in the sector. PHLY also offers access to excellent legal resources through our partnerships with top law firms.

Does PHLY offer crisis management services?

PHLY's insurance products and services include Crisis Management and Violent Event Response endorsements for colleges and universities. PHLY also offers a Public Image Restoration endorsement that covers the public relations costs associated with an incident that causes reputational damage. Expenses covered with this endorsement include:

  • Public relations consultants
  • Security
  • Counseling
  • Seminars and forensic analysts
With decades of experience, PHLY brings unique expertise that makes us an excellent partner for our higher education clients. Request a quote today to take advantage of PHLY's Higher Education insurance!

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