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Environmental Account Solutions: Fast Environmental Liability Policies for Small Business Contractors and Environmental Service Firms

Brokers and agents looking for environmental liability policies for construction clients can now take advantage of fast underwriting with the Environmental Account Solutions (EAS) unit at Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY).

EAS is a team of six underwriters who concentrate solely on small business environmental liability policies as part of PHLY's E&S Insurance Solutions group. EAS delivers a three-day underwriting turnaround with higher limits and other features not found elsewhere. This includes a personal underwriting contact for questions.

"EAS gives agents and brokers the ability to provide their small business contractor clients with a fast solution when pollution and professional liability coverage is needed," says Will Hornsey, EAS underwriting manager. "This speed of service is essential to meet their clients situations, so their clients can stay on schedule and accept jobs that require this insurance."

Fast Underwriting and More - Available with EAS

EAS promises underwriting turnaround in three days or less once you submit your completed application.

Although portals may let you plug in information and give you an approval in several minutes, immediate is not always better for your clients. EAS is a more comprehensive, customized, and personalized solution that gives your clients the exact coverage they need, fast.

With EAS, you can speak directly to an underwriter and have access to a dedicated underwriting team with more than 75 years of combined experience in environmental liability for construction businesses. You won't get this personal contact or attention with portals. Your email inquiries also have a personal connection - they go directly to your underwriter, not to a generic inbox.

Additionally, on a portal, policies tend to be cookie-cutter. With EAS, you get unique coverage.

Because you can speak directly with an underwriter, EAS can design your policy to meet your client's specific environmental risk needs. In doing so, you can ensure the emergency expense limits match the policy, unlike many other policies that only offer a sub-limit. EAS policies also offer up to a $5M limit, while others may only offer up to $2M. And they include an additional $100,000 expense limit, with the ability to increase to $1M.

Both Claims-made and Occurrence policies for pollution are available. And, "EAS offers a full professional protection option in conjunction with pollution, which is not always available in the small business space," says Hornsey.

EAS Coverage Options Provide the Essential Protection Small Business Contractors Need

EAS offers two critical environmental liability coverages for small business contractors: Contractors Environmental Coverage (CEC) and Contractors Environmental and Professional Coverage (CEPC).

CEC and CEPC cover Environmental Service Firms, General Contractors, Artisan Contractors, Trade Specialty Contractors, Street and Road, and many more.

CEC protects the insured from injury claims, damage, remediation, and legal issues caused by contamination resulting from contracting operations performed by the insured or on their behalf. Examples of damages covered by CEC include:

  • Mold Remediation: During window replacement at an old apartment complex, the contractor didn't use proper flashing. Water was able to penetrate joints, causing mold damage. Remediation and restoration costs were more than $500,000.
  • Gas Remediation: During construction for a parking lot, rebar installation hit a gas line, causing a leak that wasn't discovered until later after concrete was poured. Remediation and restoration costs were almost $100,000.
  • Asbestos Remediation: While grading a new shopping mall site, a contractor who was unaware of asbestos presence spread contaminated soil over 80% of the property. Removal and remediation cost upwards of $500,000.

CEPC includes all of the benefits of CEC and also protects your clients from claims for loss from actual or alleged acts and errors or omissions they commit while performing professional services. Examples of damages covered by CEPC include:

  • Professional Liability for Improper Training: When a person was injured because he wasn't properly trained by the contractor on equipment use, he received $350,000 for injury and lost wages.
  • Professional and Pollution Liability for a Subcontractor's Error: A subcontractor miscalculated the cooling needs of a building, resulting in a professional liability claim for $450,000 in damages for system replacement, mold remediation, and tenant relocation during repairs.

Whether it's protection from mold, HVAC issues, asbestos, pollution, or other environmental threats, your clients can count on CEC and CEPC to provide the coverage they need in the time frame they need, personally tailored to their unique situation.

Amy S. Fedena, Program and Risk Solutions Department Manager at Rue Insurance, agrees. "PHLY's new EAS unit led by Will Hornsey delivered as promised, with speed of service and affordable premium and retention, yet with the same comprehensive coverage products as for our larger accounts. We look forward to taking advantage of this new solution for our smaller contractors."

Risk Management Services Included are Unmatched in the Industry

In addition to environmental coverage, "All CEC and CEPC policyholders have full access to PHLY's no cost Risk Management Services," Hornsey says. "Underwriting for 120 specialty niche businesses has given us a deep awareness of the risks faced by our customers and how to help them protect themselves. Policyholders can take advantage of our experience and services as part of their coverage."

Among services offered, a PHLY risk manager can help your clients:

  • Put water intrusion management systems in place to mitigate mold exposure
  • Review contracts with the prime contractor and insureds, including how they relate to their subcontractors (up and down)
  • Review internal environment and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to meet safety regulations.

Find out more about the risk management services offered by PHLY and our partners here.

Get Fast Pollution Coverage for Your Clients with EAS

Every day your trade artisan and specialty contractor clients are realizing that General Contractors or owners will not waive pollution coverage. They must have environmental liability coverage to get the job. Get them coverage fast with EAS without giving up any of the personalized benefits of an underwritten plan as you may with a portal.

Your clients will also appreciate PHLY's experience. For over a decade, PHLY's E&S division has been making environmental protection a focus - both to protect customers from liability and to provide the resources to protect and repair our environment from damage. Our new EAS Team is committed to providing the personalized, full limit protection your small business construction clients need.

Any agents or brokers who have questions about EAS can reach out to Will Hornsey at will.hornsey@phly.com or email EASsubmissions@phly.com.

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