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Company Culture

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As a member of Tokio Marine Group, we are always committed to operating for the benefit of customers, business partners, and society. This Good Company philosophy drives us to Look Beyond Profit, Deliver on Commitments, and Empower Our people. It is only possible through the efforts of all employees that we are able to build a Good Company.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Mission Statement: PHLY is a team of motivated, high achievers committed to delivering innovative products and unsurpassed service to niche insurance markets. By maintaining a disciplined approach to business, we provide greater security for our policyholders and superior value for our shareholder. We believe that integrity and mutual respect are the foundation of long-term and fulfilling relationships with our employees, customers, and business partners.

Our Core Values

Strive to exceed all expectations. At PHLY, good just isn't good enough.

Be passionate. At PHLY, we believe that our passion drives our success and makes work more enjoyable.

Be accountable. At PHLY, we believe being individually accountable for results helps us achieve critical objectives.

Act with integrity. At PHLY, we do the right thing regardless of the outcome.

Embrace new and better ideas. At PHLY, we believe innovation comes from everyone.

Commit to growth and learning. At PHLY, we believe there is more potential inside every person than he or she realizes.

Develop positive relationships. At PHLY, we believe our people are our greatest assets.

Practice "work/life" balance. At PHLY, we believe to be at our best, there must be balance in our lives.

Have Fun! At PHLY, we believe that fun and work aren't mutually exclusive.

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