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How Vendor Insurance Addresses Liability for Trade Shows

Trade shows are great opportunities for businesses to network, build new sales leads, and even sell their products or services directly. In the United States, these events continue to grow in popularity with convention and trade show organizers generating $15 billion in revenue in 2018 and projected to reach more than $16 billion in 2023.

But the temporary nature of these events means there is an increased risk of liability exposure for event organizers and exhibitors. The quickly constructed displays, temporary structures, and close proximity of people and booths all pose heightened risks. Trade show vendor insurance can help organizers and exhibitors ensure they are protected against liability claims while keeping events fun and safe for everyone.

While many insurance companies don't offer standalone trade show insurance for one-off events, PHLY Special Event policies are designed specifically for this purpose. With more than 25 years of experience providing policies to event organizers, exhibitors, and vendors, PHLY has the expertise to meet your vendor insurance needs.

Who Needs Trade Show Vendor Insurance?

Exhibitors at trade shows, expos, and conventions are typically required to obtain a certificate of insurance by the venue host or organizer. Meanwhile, event organizers may also need special event insurance in case of damage to the venue, damage to rented equipment, injuries that occur on the premises, or vehicle accidents during the transport of equipment.

PHLY offers special event insurance to both exhibitors and organizers. To ensure participants meet their venue's insurance requirements, policyholders can list sponsors and co-promoters as additional insureds, sometimes for no additional premium.

What Does Trade Show Insurance Cover?

Keep in mind that your existing regular business insurance likely does not cover exposures from special events like conventions and trade shows. To protect against costly claims, event exhibitors and organizers should get short-term liability coverage that includes the following:

General Liability

General liability insurance covers a broad range of exposures, including third-party injuries such as slips and falls, advertising injury, damage to third party property and rented premises, and more.

Liquor Liability

Consumption of alcohol always increases the risk of personal injury and property damage. Liquor liability coverage is available for insureds who are either serving alcohol or simply participating at an event where liquor is served and guests may become intoxicated.

Before You Apply

To ensure a smooth application process, exhibitors should have all the details of their booths mapped out. Here are some questions to help applicants prepare:

  1. What activities will you host?
  2. Which products or services will be sold?
  3. How many days will the booth be open?

To ensure events are executed safely and the right special event insurance is obtained, organizers should also put their plans in order before applying for short-term liability coverage. Ask these preparatory questions before applying:

  1. In which type of venue will the event be hosted?
  2. What is the duration of the event?
  3. How many people are expected to attend?
  4. Are there security measures in place?
  5. Do you have an emergency action plan?

Certain circumstances such as events that expect thousands of attendees or events that last longer than two weeks may require additional coverage. We also cover small to medium shows and events like farmers markets, so if you need farmers market insurance or food vendor insurance for a smaller special event, we can customize coverage to fit your needs.

Three Easy Steps to Get Coverage with PHLY

Because PHLY is committed to customer service excellence and exceeding expectations, we make getting the vendor insurance you need easy. With our mobile-friendly application, policies can be issued and paid for online in three quick steps:

  1. Go to our Special Events page to start the application
  2. Answer some basic questions about yourself, your event, and the venue (including potential exposures and whether or not alcohol will be present)
  3. Complete the secure online payment

Immediately upon completion of the online application, policy documents are emailed to insureds for proof of coverage.

Want to learn more about PHLY Special Event coverage? Contact your insurance broker or speak with a PHLY representative today.

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