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The Right Concert Insurance Could Make or Break Your Event

When it comes to security, the concert environment can pose some unique challenges and risks. Anytime people gather in large crowds, the risk of accident and injury increases. A very energetic audience - especially with the addition of alcohol - could easily lead to expensive property damage or accidental injury. Concert insurance from Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) includes general liability for bodily injury, property damage, and personal and advertising injury. Additional coverages such as hired and non-owned and liquor liability are also available.

Most venues require you to obtain a certificate of insurance (and for you to add them as an additional insured) before they will let you put on a show, and PHLY offers a customizable package designed to satisfy these requirements. By working together, we can help to keep costs down while also ensuring a safe event for all who attend.

Adequate Risk Protection - Is Your Concert Prepared?

PHLY has experience handling a wide variety of concert claims. Our concert event protection has helped cover a variety of claims, including:

  • Concert goers damage the venue. For example, you rent an adjacent grass lot for parking and attendees damage the space.
  • An attendee is injured during an altercation in the audience. Innocent bystanders might also be injured, resulting in lawsuits.
  • Equipment being moved injures a guest. An attendee is struck with an object during set-up and files a personal injury lawsuit.
  • Liquor is served improperly. Failing to comply with drug and alcohol laws can introduce safety concerns. Commercial liquor liability protects organizers at concerts where alcohol will be served by ensuring that alcohol vendors are licensed and servers are well-trained.
  • A vehicle is damaged. Hired or non-owned autos are used for errands before, during, or after the event and injury arises.

Concert Insurance from PHLY

Applying for concert insurance with PHLY is quick and easy! The process is so simple that you can complete it via mobile device. By simply filling out our online application form with basic details about your concert, you can secure protection for your show in a matter of minutes. Contact us today to see how we can help you make sure that your concert goes off without a hitch.

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