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Participant Accident Insurance

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We offer innovative Group Accident Insurance solutions in all states and deliver our products and services through agents and brokers across the country.

Participant Accident Program Offerings :

View our program brochure for an overview and benefits of the coverage.

Amateur Sports

We focus on providing cost effective Accident insurance benefits that enables the sponsoring organization to help pay a participant's medical bills and, therefore, reduce the need for legal action by the participant to recoup medical expenses. Many General Liability insurance companies now require a separate Accident insurance policy for this reason.

pdf iconAmateur Sports Application

Camps & Clinics

For Camps & Clinics we offer Accident & Sickness benefits to protect your campers and volunteer staff in the event of an injury.

pdf iconCamps & Clinics Application

Child Care

Accident insurance for participants in a Child Care Center offers a cost-effective way to complete the insurance protection you offer your insured. This coverage will help pay a participant's medical bills and can reduce the need for legal action against your insured. This is part of our Bind it Now portfolio of products. Risks with prior Accident insurance claims history may require additional underwriting consideration.

pdf iconChild Care Application

Intercollegiate Sports & University Student Accident Only Plans

We specialize in providing Accident insurance benefits for small to mid-size college & university intercollegiate and club sports programs. In addition to the completed census, we'll need a copy of the expiring policy and currently-dated loss runs for the five most recent policy years.

pdf iconIntercollegiate Sports Census; pdf iconCollege & University Student Accident Only Plan Application

K-12 Schools

Accident Insurance plans for both private and public schools. Coverage includes all school sponsored and supervised activities including sports. Catastrophic coverage is also available.

pdf iconK-12 Schools Application

Special Events

If your customer is planning something special, let us help you protect their participants. We have the experience and knowledge to handle most events you need covered.

pdf iconSpecial Events Application


This product is part of our Bind it Now portfolio of products. Have a Not-for-Profit, Social Services Organization or any group with Volunteer exposure? You've got everything you need to know in the brochure and application provided. Just email us a completed copy of the application and we can bind coverage now!

pdf iconVolunteers Application

All Other Groups

Municipalities, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA's, Dance, Vocational Training and Religious Organizations are just a few of the group types we can handle.

pdf iconAll Other Groups Application

Other Products Offered by AJF on a Brokerage Basis Only:

Business Travel

Customizable accident insurance plans for employees traveling domestically and internationally.

pdf iconBusiness Travel Application

Global Travel

Groups traveling outside their home country require special benefits including accident and sickness, medical evacuation, repatriation, and travel assistance services.

pdf iconGroup Inbound / Outbound Travel Application

Student Health Insurance

Our program is for students enrolled in boarding schools, colleges and universities. Affordable Care Act-compliant plans and Short-term Limited Duration plans are available.

pdf iconStudent Medical Underwriting Questionnaire

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