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Accident & Health Claims

PHLY provides superior accident and health claims services in partnership with experienced third-party administrators.

We outsource claim processing for the Accident & Health business to highly experienced and professional Third-Party Administrators (TPAs). Although this function is outsourced, our PHLY Claims team supervises TPA operations and when we underwrite the Accident insurance and the Package policy, we can raise the level of coordination and communication for our agents and insureds to a unique level.

As a reminder, when we delivered your policy, we included a claim form and claim filing instructions. The claim form and claim filing instructions will vary by line of business. Always feel free to contact us at: or 800.734.9326 for any Accident & Health claim needs including:

  1. Claim forms and filing instructions
  2. Where to file a claim
  3. Status on an existing claim
  4. How to escalate an existing claim
  5. Loss runs

If you are covered under a policy that provides coverage for travel overseas and you require urgent assistance, please refer to the identification card that was issued at the time of travel for contact information as well as your policy number. If you do not have access to the identification card, please contact our Travel Assistance Services provider, On Call International:

  • Call collect from anywhere in the world: +1.978.651.9220
  • Call toll free from U.S. or Canada: 1.833.808.0252

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Tel: 800.734.9326

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