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By using this service, you can expedite the handling of your claim.  After you complete the notice, it is sent electronically to the appropriate claims department personnel who will contact you within 24 hours.  For more information visit the Claim Notification Center.

Please note that while we have included facsimile and email contact information, some bond forms and statutes do not recognize email or facsimile delivery as acceptable methods of perfecting claims against a bond. Nothing herein shall be deemed a waiver or estoppel by Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company of any of its rights and defenses, including but not limited to, any defenses associated with the content, timing, and form of delivery of claim notices.


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PLEASE NOTE: Many bonds contain unique and specific notice requirements that must be followed in order to perfect a claim against the bond. Bonds may also be subject to State and Federal notice requirements. We encourage each claimant to obtain an executed copy of the final bond from the obligee to ensure that it is complying with the required form of claim notice, method of delivery, and timing requirements. Applicable statutory notice provisions should also be consulted. Submission and receipt of this online claim form shall not constitute a waiver, estoppel or other release of Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company’s defenses relative to Claimant’s compliance with notice requirements of the Bond and applicable law.
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