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PHLYSENSE Sensor System

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PHLYSENSE is a property monitoring solution that installs in minutes. Organizations get real-time alerts if water is detected or temperatures reach a hazardous level. The program includes sensors and 24/7 monitoring and support, all at no-cost to policyholders with property coverage. Alerts can be sent through SMS text, email, and phone call, and the system can be managed through an innovative mobile app.

By simply setting the sensor devices in strategic areas of your building, you add another layer of property risk mitigation that can help you avoid costly damages and repairs.

Water Leak Alerts

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Low Temperature Alerts

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High Temperature Alerts

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Get real-time insights into your equipment

If a problem is detected, alerts are immediately sent to your phone and email. In urgent situations, you'll also receive a phone call from the Monitoring and Support Center (MSC).

Easy-to-use app and web tools

A complimentary mobile app is available for PHLY policyholders to download. Check the status of your property - anytime, anywhere.

24/7 professional support

You will have access to the Monitoring and Support Center (MSC). The MSC is located in the U.S. and staffed with technical specialists.

Easy installation

The sensors only take a few minutes to install. If you need assistance, we offer convenient DIY instructions with virtual support.


The above video and following stories from PHLYSense members detail how the program saved their organizations thousands of dollars in potential losses.

An urgent water alert was sent to a PHLYSense member. The alert was coming from a basement sewer drain located within an apartment building. The sewer drain had backed up causing a small amount of water to accumulate. Although a small amount of water had leaked, if it had continued to leak unchecked, it could have flowed to a nearby elevator pit causing electrical damage.

Losses Avoided: Over $48,000

The HVAC unit overflowed, triggering a water alert. The insured cleaned up the water and drained the condensate tray, preventing water damage and mold, as well as potential business interruption.

Losses Avoided: Over $56,000

A church received an urgent water alert for a men's bathroom. The PHLYSense member learned that a child had left the water running in the sink. The customer was able to respond and clean up the area. If the alert had not been sent, mold damage could have resulted and interrupted church services.

Losses Avoided: Over $35,000

A sprinkler pipe broke in the sprinkler room of a building. An urgent water leak alert was sent, and the maintenance staff was able to respond and repair the pipe.

Losses Avoided: Over $75,000

If you're ready to protect your property with PHLYSENSE, click the enroll button to be taken to the registration page.

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