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Stolen Bus Recovered with PHLY Telematics After 100 Mile Spree

Columbus, GA - A trail of "crumbs" led to the tracking and recovery of a stolen school bus. On March 6th, a school bus was stolen from Childcare Network #36, an early-learning and daycare business in Columbus, GA. Bus 136A was driven 90 minutes from Columbus to Atlanta where it was then abandoned. Along the way, the bus thief committed other crimes, including breaking into a convenience store.

Later that morning, Kathy Currington - the Risk Manager for Child Development Schools, Inc. DBA Childcare Network Inc. - received a call alerting her to the theft. She then used PHLYTRAC telematics to piece together a detailed account of where the vehicle had traveled and at what times, where it made stops, and how long it sat idle. This trail of digital breadcrumbs was vital in helping police track down and eventually locate the vehicle over 100 miles away in Atlanta.

Four Images

PHLYTRAC breadcrumbs of bus route through Georgia. Images of damage to bus windshield and tire, as well as items recovered inside the vehicle.

According to a police report, on-premises video of the incident showed a man breaking into Childcare Network in Columbus. The bus was driven to a convenience store and used in a burglary. A cashbox, food, and shattered glass from the convenience store were found in the bus. The thief continued driving before abandoning the bus in Atlanta, where PHLYTRAC was able to pin-point its location. PHLYTRAC's telematics monitoring and software mapped the drivers' digital trail and led to the successful recovery of the agency's vehicle.

While there was significant damage to the rear left tire and wheel, the cost of an unrecovered or further damaged vehicle would have been considerably greater. "It's really lucky there wasn't an accident and no one was hurt, which is the most important thing," shared Scott Holt, Assistant Vice President of Risk Management at PHLY.

PHLYTRAC's telematics monitoring and software that maps the digital trail of the vehicle, led to the successful recovery of the agency's vehicle.

Childcare Network operates childcare facilities in 11 states with a fleet size of 860 vehicles comprised of buses and private passenger vehicles. Last year, they were looking for an insurance carrier that offers telematics features for their large fleet and found what they were looking for in November 2020 when they became a PHLY client. The fact that PHLY offered PHLYTRAC telematics as a complementary addition for eligible policyholders was compelling for Childcare Network.

"It's a large expense, so it's great that PHLY is able to provide this service at no cost," said Currington.

Find Peace of Mind with the PHLYTRAC Telematics Program

Unlike older GPS units which required special installation, PHLYTRAC installs easily in minutes and businesses get real-time insights on their drivers' behavior. The program includes:

  • Live maps
  • Driver scorecards
  • A fleet management dashboard
  • Vehicle health information
  • And other valuable safety features!

Need a Comprehensive GPS Tracking Solution?

You can get a complete overview on PHLYTRAC, as well as hear what agents and policyholders have to say. Just visit and fill out a form if you'd like to be contacted or request more information.

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