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Mental Health Organization Insurance Must Innovate to Face Today's Challenges

In today's dramatically changing reality, your mental health organization clients balance their care of vulnerable patients with the uncertainties of the unknown.

It's more important than ever to have the most solid, flexible, and innovative liability coverage available. However, a general liability insurance policy covering bodily injury and property damage is just the start of what your clients should have in place.

"Mental health organizations want an insurance company that not only understands today's risks but also looks to the future to protect what could happen next," says Lorri King, Assistant Vice President and Product Manager at Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY). "They want a partner they trust to look out for them, especially during these unprecedented times."

As one of the most well-known and respected insurers for mental health organizations, PHLY has the liability coverages they need, along with cutting edge solutions for the latest risks - all at a cost that fits their budget.

Other Companies Follow What PHLY has Already Been Doing for Decades

With more than 25 years of experience with mental health organizations and their insurance needs, the underwriters on PHLY's team bring a depth and breadth of knowledge that is hard to duplicate.

PHLY offers primary medical malpractice insurance coverage for physicians while working for PHLY insured organizations. This is not offered by many other insurers.

As the biggest insurer in this sector, your clients will benefit from our large risk pool. "Clients can count on stable pricing from year to year. They don't have to worry about increases that may not fit their budget," says Jeffrey Collins, Vice President of Underwriting.

Companies also benefit from PHLY's claims experience. Our claims examiners have in-depth policy knowledge and know what the organizations face. "Clients can get a loss trend analysis report on their claims activity to help them uncover risks and develop solutions," King says.

All this knowledge and experience means we have a unique perspective for what your clients need. PHLY recognizes how fast-developing circumstances and new coverage gaps are changing what needs to be protected.

Recognizing the Opioid Epidemic, Suicide, and More

PHLY is Developing the Potentially Life-Saving and Practical Benefits Your Clients Need and Want

PHLY excels at looking at a mental health organization's protection needs differently than other insurers.

  • Recognizing the opioid epidemic and providing a solution.

"The drug Naloxone has become a lifesaver for its use in reversing overdoses. PHLY created an endorsement to cover dispensing of this drug (or reasonably equivalent drug) in response to an opioid overdose as permitted by applicable state or federal law," says King, "which can have a huge impact on survival during an emergency."

  • Recognizing suicide risk and providing resources.

Today, suicide has become an even greater concern due to the increased social isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Mental health organizations' vulnerable clients are especially at risk.

In partnership with the Education Development Center, PHLY has held several seminars to provide an overview of how suicide prevention methodologies such as Zero Suicide can effectively reduce suicide rates in a variety of organizations and settings.

  • Recognizing changing employment practices and providing coverage.

Changes to hiring today mean more contract employees are being brought on board. PHLY now offers liability coverage for licensed contract professionals working for PHLY-insured organizations if they don't have their own coverage.

PHLY hasn't stopped there. "Right now, PHLY is watching the impact of telemedicine services and telemed liability on mental health organizations," says Collins.

Benefits Beyond the Ordinary

In addition to insurance coverage, PHLY has no-cost risk management programs such as driver training, employee screening, and online abuse training that can make a real difference in employee satisfaction and the organization's safety and administration.

Further, many companies take advantage of PHLY's free online training courses and add them to grant applications, which can potentially increase their funding.

And it's more than just business at PHLY. It's personal. We're committed to our customers - and not only as claims examiners, underwriters, and risk managers. We routinely volunteer in support of our customers' charitable activities. We stand together to help make a difference.

Choose an Insurer That Looks Differently at Your Client's Needs - and Acts

Your mental health organization clients are dedicated to maintaining balance in their clients' lives. They should be protected by an insurance company just as committed to their distinctive niche, and always looking for better ways to serve them.

With PHLY's vast experience in the human services sector, forward-thinking coverages, budget-friendly premiums, and AM Best A++ (Superior) Rating for financial stability, it's hard to find another company that does as much.

Find out more about what PHLY can do for your clients here.

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