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Three Reasons Why Special Event, School, and Amateur Sports Clients Need Accident Insurance Coverage

Your clients take the safety, health, and welfare of their participants and volunteers seriously.

That is why general liability insurance is essential for them. They rely on it to provide benefits and financial support if a claim occurs.

In fact, many businesses must show they have general liability insurance to work with or for others. However, many clients aren't aware of the vital role accident insurance also plays in keeping them well protected from claims.

"A group blanket accident insurance plan protects participants if they have an accident while engaged in a sponsored activity," explains Michael Flood, vice president of the Accident and Health division at Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY). "It reimburses claimants for medical expenses from injuries that happen during covered activities. Or, in the case of a very serious incident, it pays a lump sum should the accident result in dismemberment or death."

How prevalent are injuries? According to the National Safety Council, in 2017, children aged 5-14 accounted for 40 to 50 percent of football, soccer, baseball, and lacrosse injuries treated in an emergency room. And young adults aged 14-24 accounted for approximately 40% of the same injuries and treatments.

Looking at those numbers, Flood sees three compelling reasons why Accident Insurance is a must for your special event, participant, and K-12 school or intercollegiate sports clients: to look out for the participant's best interests, reduce the risk of lawsuits, and to give the organization peace of mind.

1) Looking Out for the Participant's Best Interest

Consider this situation: A child under an organization's care falls and hurts their elbow and goes to the emergency room. While there, they see a doctor and have an X-ray. It's discovered that their elbow is broken and it's put into a cast.

Of course, the ER visit and the provided medical services will cost money. But who is responsible for paying?

There are two critical ways Accident Insurance can help in this situation:

  • The family has healthcare coverage, but the deductible isn't satisfied. Accident Insurance will help pay the family's out-of-pocket medical expenses.
  • The family doesn't have healthcare coverage or is on Medicaid. In this instance, Accident Insurance becomes the family's primary medical coverage and covers all of the eligible medical expenses.

"With Accident Insurance, the organization can now make decisions based on the child's best interests. They don't need to worry if the family can afford the medical treatment," says Flood. "Before, they may have hesitated to call an ambulance because they didn't know if the family could afford it. Now, those fears won't impact their actions because Accident Insurance can help cover much of the cost."

This is important, especially when you consider sports such as competitive cheerleading, football, and soccer, which by their nature have more opportunities for injury. Having Accident Insurance gives the organization security. Feeling secure can help them build a solid reputation with families and participants because their actions show they care about the children's welfare and won't hesitate to do what's right.

2) Reducing the Risk of Lawsuits

No organization wants to deal with the expense, hassle, and emotional impact of a lawsuit.

When participants suffer injuries, Flood says, "The family pays the medical expenses if no Accident Insurance is in place. The family may sue the organization for the costs they accumulated and the duress they suffered. This could result in a significant general liability claim."

With excess benefits to help cover medical costs, Accident Insurance can help reduce the risk of lawsuits because it eliminates major reasons to sue. And, since Accident Insurance has affordable options, it will not put a lot of stress on your client's budget.

3) Peace of Mind

Organizations balance many responsibilities and concerns. Having Accident Insurance can relieve them of their worry because they have the controls in place to make the best decisions for their participants.

And, in addition to reducing the risk of lawsuits, Accident Insurance can also minimize the chance of reputational damage and bad press.

"Many organizations have discovered they must have both general liability and accident insurance coverages," says Flood. "When you understand how they work together for the benefit of the participant's wellbeing and the organization's protection, it just makes good fiscal sense."

PHLY also eases your clients' administrative tasks and financial planning with:

  • Convenient Integrated Billing with general liability and accident policies
  • A premium installment plan to help with your clients' budgets

More Solid Reasons to Work with PHLY

With an Accident Insurance Policy from PHLY combined with a general liability policy, your special event, K-12 school or intercollegiate sports clients get the benefit of PHLY's experience, convenience, and customer service.

The Accident and Health team's underwriters have 30 years of experience looking out for participants' accident risks and bodily injury liability. They are continually developing new ways to protect them.

PHLY's 96% customer satisfaction rating shows our dedication to helping insureds in every possible way. And, when you consider that AM Best Company rates PHLY A++ (Superior) for financial strength, you know PHLY stands strong behind its insureds. Learn more about how PHLY can help them. Visit our product page or contact your PHLY Rep today.

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