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The Top Three Considerations When Looking For Amateur Sports Insurance

Amateur sports, camps, leagues, and tournaments play a vital role in communities. They give enthusiasts of all ages a place to play, practice, coach, volunteer, and learn more about the sports they enjoy.

The benefits of sports participation are well known. According to the National Youth Sports Strategy, "... youth who engage in regular physical activity have improved bone health, weight status, cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness..., cognitive function, and a reduced risk of depression. "Additionally, young athletes' performance in school may also benefit.

Meanwhile, adults find amateur sports a perfect mix of social and athletic activity, letting them stay involved in a sport they love.

Unfortunately, the organizations running these popular non-professional sports programs are very likely to encounter expensive, unexpected liabilities. Not surprisingly, injury tops the list. A Johns Hopkins report says that more than 775,000 children, ages 14 and younger, are treated in hospital emergency rooms each year for sports-related injuries. And it's not just liability from accidents. The facility, equipment, food preparation, property, employees, and volunteers all have the potential to be exposed to risk.

With so many areas to protect, your amateur sports clients will want a carrier that's easy to do business with - one that understands the risks, offers solutions, and is a true partner.

Three Ways PHLY Makes it Easy to do Business

"At PHLY, we're all about ease of doing business. We make sure that every part of your relationship with us is easy," says Robert Wilder, Product Manager, Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY). "PHLY does this in three ways: with our unique coverages, our underwriters and claims examiners, and our fast premium indications."

First, PHLY starts by offering all the coverage amateur sports organizations need in one place.

It's not just the athletes' injuries that need to be covered. Every aspect of the organization's business needs to be protected from risk. PHLY makes it easy because we understand all the risks amateur sports organizations face and provide these amateur sports insurance solutions:

General Liability (GL): Limits to $1M per occurrence, $3M aggregate. Examples include:

  • A skater slipped on water while wearing skates - a $56,000 claim
  • Mom was struck in the nose by a ricocheting hockey puck - a $156,728 claim

It's important to note that concussion controls must be in place. A good start is utilizing the CDC's online training, HEADS UP to Youth Sports.

Participant Accident Insurance: Available from PHLY on a separate policy

Transportation: Covers the transportation of participants from facilities to games and practices and back

Participant Legal Liability: An enhanced option to protect the organization if a participant is injured during an activity

GL Deluxe: Expands to include mental anguish, abuse of process, and discrimination

Professional Liability: Provides coverage if the participant was hurt performing an activity directed by a coach or trainer

Premises Liability: Insures the facility as well as the sports leagues and camps that use the facility

Umbrella Liability Coverage: For insurance protection beyond existing limits of other coverages

Property Damage: Examples include:

  • A lightning strike ruined the HVAC wiring - a $21,853 claim
  • The finish line blew over and struck a cycler on the head - a $116,000 claim

It also covers improper maintenance, use, or care of equipment or facilities. Additional Property Elite coverage enhancement is available.

Concessions: Covers sale/service of food, beverages, and liquor

Abuse and Molestation: Example:

  • A tennis professional was charged with sexual abuse and molestation of a student - a $1M claim

Cyber Security: A new coverage option to address data and privacy risks

Risk Management: PHLY's risk managers work with organizations at no cost to expose risks and offer solutions such as:

  • Analysis of slips/trips/falls, sexual abuse controls, property preservation, and fleet safety
  • Program assessments for new-hire training, driver qualifications, violent assault response, and business continuity
  • PHLYTRAC: Installation of this GPS system monitors speeding, hard braking, and other fleet statistics to change dangerous driving behaviors and reduce accidents

This list of PHLY's coverage options is just the start of what's available. But it shows how sensible and easy it is to get what your amateur athletic organization clients need from one source.

The second way PHLY makes it easy to do business is through our expertise.

PHLY's team of underwriters and claims experts have decades of experience in amateur sports insurance. We understand the business and its protection needs as if it was our own. It's why we have such a broad selection of coverage options available!

Because of our experience, PHLY has knowledge and flexibility that is hard to find elsewhere.
Unlike other companies, you have the ability to speak directly to the underwriter, which is important during the application process or when requesting changes. Also unique in the industry, you will speak directly to the claims examiner, not an MGA or MGU. The claims examiner has full authority, so there's no waiting for service or investigating claims.

When you consider these client services, along with PHLY's A++ Superior Rating from AM Best Company, you know you can trust PHLY to be there for you and your clients.

The third way PHLY makes it easy to do business is with our online Amateur Sports Premium Indication for Leagues and Camps/Clinics/Tournaments.

This easy-to-use system lets you get an estimate of your premiums fast. You don't need to wait for days to get an answer. Just answer a few questions and hit submit. That's all you have to do.
You'll get the information you need to decide about PHLY in next to no time.

No Insurance Company Makes It Easier To Do Business

If your amateur sports clients are looking for coverage, make it easy for both of you. Work with the company that offers the right coverages with the right assistance at the right price. Give our online Amateur Sports Premium Indication a try for a fast and easy estimate, or talk to a PHLY rep today.

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