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Special Event Liability Insurance

Get Protected with the Right Policy for Your Special Event

Planning or hosting a special event requires a lot of preparation, and one important part of the planning process is making sure you have the right insurance coverage. To make sure you are protected, you will need a specific type of liability coverage called special event liability insurance.

What is Special Event Liability Insurance?

Special event liability insurance policies are designed to primarily cover losses associated with property damage and bodily injury that may occur at an event. Most venues require event liability insurance before allowing an event to be hosted at their site. They will typically ask for proof of event liability coverage in the form of a Certificate of Insurance.

Special event liability insurance can provide coverage for a wide range of incidents that could occur at your event. Some examples of potentially covered occurrences include:

  • A guest who slips and falls
  • An injury sustained during an altercation between guests
  • An accident resulting in damage to the venue's property
  • Alleged liquor liability claim after intoxicated person left the event and injured a third party

Who Needs Special Event Liability Insurance?

If you're involved in hosting, planning, or organizing any special event, chances are you should be purchasing a special event liability policy. Types of events that may require coverage include:

  • Weddings
  • Banquets
  • Art festivals
  • Concerts
  • Conferences
  • Trade conventions
  • Auto shows
  • Running events

Venue requirements aside, getting special event liability insurance is highly recommended to protect yourself. If something goes wrong at your event, you could be faced with a lawsuit. The cost of a one-time policy is low compared to the costs you could incur without protection.

If alcohol is being served at the event, you can add Liquor Liability coverage to most special event insurance policies if the proper procedures and protocols are in place. This added coverage applies to bodily injury or property damage caused by an intoxicated person who was served alcohol at your event.

Getting the right special event liability insurance is crucial to making sure you meet the requirements of your venue and are protected if a claim is filed against you.

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Choosing the Right Event Liability Coverage

When choosing a policy, you'll want to make sure your policy has high enough limits, as many venue owners require a $1,000,000 minimum in liability coverage from an admitted carrier. As an admitted carrier, PHLY coverage limits start at $1,000,000 per occurrence with premiums as low as $175 for policies with $0 deductible.

Most venues will ask to be added as an additional insured status under your policy. PHLY designs its special event liability policies to meet the requirements of lessors of the venue and equipment, sponsors, and co-promoters by adding them as an additional insured when this coverage is requested.

PHLY's no-hassle, customer-centered experience is designed to make the event planning process as smooth as possible. Our easy online application can be completed in just minutes and payment can be made online. Once you purchase a policy from PHLY, your required Certificate of Insurance is immediately emailed to you.

Planning a special event can be stressful, but getting the right coverage doesn't have to be. To learn more about getting the special event liability coverage that's right for you, visit our special events portal today.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - The information and suggestions presented by Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company is for your consideration in your loss prevention efforts. They are not intended to be complete or definitive in identifying all hazards associated with your business, preventing workplace accidents, or complying with any safety related, or other, laws or regulations. You are encouraged to alter them to fit the specific hazards of your business and to have your legal counsel review all of your plans and company policies.

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