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Preventing Youth Suicide

Something Needs to be Done About Youth Suicide

9/5/2017 9:00:00 AM

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The second leading cause of death for youth in the United States is suicide, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Female suicide rates have doubled in the last 10 years, and suicide is now prevalent in ages as young as eight. According to HealthyPlace, it is important to remember that teens attempt or commit suicide not because of a desire to die, but, rather, in an attempt to escape a bad situation and/or painful feelings.

The new era of bullying
Experts agree; cyberbullying leads to suicidal thoughts, and cyberbullying rates are increasing ( We can all remember growing up. Most people can name at least one person who was bullied when they were in school. In this era of social media apps and a culture of aggressive behavior online, we need to realize that bullying is much worse now and it is time to put preventative solutions in place.

What can be done?
A student can speak with many who would help, including their family, friends, church, charitable organizations, or a school counselor. These methods have been available in the past, but they all require speaking up, being noticed, and directly addressing someone. The reality is that people today, and particularly the youth, prefer to communicate on a mobile device. This includes bystanders who witness abuse as well as the victims themselves.

Today's most effective approaches leverage anonymous mobile reporting. Imagine students having a mobile app with the ability to send a bullying or depression note directly to a school counselor, giving the counselor the ability to message right back, collect information, and work to address the issue, all with the security of anonymity to encourage participation and get results. That's exactly how the STOPit Mobile App works.

Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) has taken a stand to prevent bullying and is now offering STOPit, a leading anonymous mobile reporting solution for schools, to all Higher Ed and K-12 school customers at no additional cost. As a PHLY customer, you can get ahead of these issues with STOPit. Learn more and request a demo:

Written by Neil Hooper, Chief Revenue Officer of STOPit
Neil has worked with thousands of schools across the country

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