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PHLYTRAC Vehicle Telematics: An Insured's Perspective

The reputation and financial future of an organization can be on the line any time a company vehicle travels the roadways. Fleet managers have the important task of mitigating this risk by providing training and maintaining their vehicles so that drivers and those they may be transporting arrive safely to their destinations. Some managers may wish they could be in the vehicle themselves to help ensure things go smoothly. While that isn't physically possible, technology is providing the next best thing and empowering managers and drivers alike with vehicle telematics.

Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) is providing this powerful risk management tool to our insureds through the PHLYTRAC vehicle telematics program. PHLYTRAC gives dynamic insights into driver behavior, vehicle stats, and more to help organizations make informed decisions regarding fleet safety.

Watch the video below to hear one of PHLY's insureds provide their perspective of the PHLYTRAC program and how it has impacted their organization's mission.

Read on to find answers to common questions from insureds regarding the PHLYTRAC telematics program.

Does my organization qualify for PHLYTRAC?

PHLY auto customers with fleets of any size qualify for the PHLYTRAC telematics program. Whether it is a fleet of five vehicles or 500, if it is insured with PHLY, the fleet can be protected by PHLYTRAC. This program is also available regardless of premium amount.

What are the features of PHLYTRAC?

The program includes alerts for speeding, hard braking, hard acceleration, and idling. The user can monitor seatbelt usage and the location of the vehicles via online maps in real-time. Geofences can be set up to ensure vehicles are operating where they should be. PHLYTRAC can even send a notification if a check engine light is activated. All these notifications can be customized to your specifications, including who receives them and what threshold triggers them.

How much does PHLYTRAC cost?

PHLY realizes that cost can be a barrier to many organizations who wish to use telematics. That is why, if your fleet is covered by PHLY, the service is provided to you at no cost. You may choose to include add-on features for an additional cost, such as dashboard cameras, driver identification software, and a preventative maintenance package.

Will my organization be stuck in a contract?

There is no contract and you may choose to cancel the program at any time. You will only be required to sign a usage agreement, which outlines your commitment to maintaining basic formal fleet management policies and procedures (such as having a written fleet safety policy and conducting Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) reviews).

Is my organization on its own as it navigates this new technology?

PHLYTRAC's GPS partner provides technical support, including installation instructions, assistance with navigating your dashboard, and providing guidance on how to introduce your organization to GPS and vehicle telematics. In addition, PHLY's Risk Management Services department is with you every step of the way, helping manage your account with the provider. You also have access to our knowledgeable Risk Management Services consultants. These professionals can help you digest the data, understand how to best set up your custom notifications, and even provide sample forms and policies in addition to other risk management support for your organization.

Will our auto premiums go up/down?

Participation in the PHLYTRAC program does not alter or otherwise change your auto policy. Unlike Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) programs that can adjust premiums based on the data, PHLYTRAC does not change how our auto policies are rated.

In short, the PHLYTRAC program boils down to this: in exchange for your commitment to maintaining basic formal fleet management policies and procedures, PHLY provides a GPS solution for your fleet and access to the data at no additional cost. In order for PHLY Risk Management Services to provide appropriate support, we maintain access to the GPS data. This allows us to be a full partner in your efforts to modify driver behavior, one of your largest exposures.

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