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Understanding Child Sexual Abuse Risk

Why does child sexual abuse continue to be a problem? While it's difficult for many to understand, there are patterns with this risk that make it preventable. In the video below, Gregory Love, co-founder of MinistrySafe, addresses ministry leaders at the 2019 Caring Well Conference about the facts and myths related to understanding who child sexual abusers actually are.

PHLY's Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Resources

Taking additional, cost-effective prevention measures that increase your organization's barriers to this crime remains in the best interests of the children you support. Consider supplementing your current policies and training with PHLY's sexual abuse prevention resources. These easy-to-use, online resources can help reduce the risk of child sexual abuse in children's programs. They're available to PHLY policyholders with sexual abuse and molestation coverage at no additional cost. Visit the appropriate link below for more information or contact phlyrms@phly.com for more information.

was created to meet the unique needs of faith-based organizations, including churches, camps, schools, mission organizations, and other ministry programming. Learn more: MinistrySafe.com/PHLY

Abuse Prevention Systems
was created to serve a full spectrum of child-serving organizations, including youth sports, day care centers, schools, clubs, and other non-profits. Learn more: AbusePreventionSystems.com/PHLY

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