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Unbundled Risk Management Services

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PHLY offers fee-based Risk Management Services to fill the last missing piece in your risk management program.

Services for Policyholders

Do you have a need for fee-based Risk Management services to fill that last missing piece in your risk management program? ePIC Risk Management Services is your total solution to fill the void where Risk Management services are not included as part of your insurance policy or are beyond the scope of what was provided as part of the original insurance agreement.

ePIC Risk Management Services offers:

  • Customized loss control surveys, risk management programs, and seminar training modules specific to your operation.
  • A preferred fee structure arrangement offered only to PHLY policyholders.

Since you are already an established policyholder, ePIC's partnership and team approach allows us to provide the individualized attention your organization demands in developing cost-effective solutions to reduce your exposure to loss.

Services for Agents and Brokers

Philadelphia Insurance Companies understands that not all accounts meet PHLY's strict underwriting criteria and guidelines necessary to become PHLY policyholders. In response, PHLY has created a new loss control and risk management profit center called ePIC Risk Management Services. PHLY would like to provide its preferred agents and brokers with an opportunity to allow us to become more knowledgeable with your account so your client and PHLY can potentially have a future relationship. ePIC Risk Management Services is that opportunity.

Contracting risk management service work through ePIC Risk Management Services offers two major benefits:

  • Provides a foundation for loss frequency and severity reduction through the implementation of our customized risk management programs and training modules.
  • Creates a team approach to risk management by enabling us to become more knowledgeable about an account's risk management philosophy, safety practices, and procedures.
  • ePIC Risk Management Services would also like to be your primary choice for risk management services for accounts that do not quite fit into the PHLY underwriting appetite. We will provide the same quality customized Loss Control services for these clients as well. We look forward to servicing your clients' risk management needs.