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Proprietary Risk Management Services

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Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) exclusively offers a number of proprietary risk management services available only to our insureds and agents.


As a registered user to our website, you are eligible to receive our Risk Management Services E-Flyers. These e-flyers are bulletins sent out periodically containing information on specific risks facing our insureds. Below is a sampling of some archived e-flyers:

Large Account Service Capabilities

Effective communication between PHLY associates (Marketing, Underwriting, Claims, and Risk Management Services), the policyholder, and the producer is the key ingredient to the development and implementation of servicing a large account.

Through proper initiation, selling, coordination, analysis, monitoring, and measuring, PHLY is the superior market for large nice accounts.

  • PHLY's involvement in the prospective stage allows us to fully evaluate exposures, controls, and management practices. For current customers, our service plan increases our presence and improves customer loyalty.
  • We offer enhanced customized service in addition to full availability of our risk management resources. In addition, we hold annual stewardship meetings prior to renewal.
  • Our proprietary loss trend analysis capabilities allow us to identify risks and improve loss ratio performance.
  • Our technology provides easy access to loss control information, external resources, e-flyers, training, and more.


PHLY's benchmarked approach allows us to quantify loss control. Standards of performance are established, including results standards and activity standards:

  • Results Standards- Results are based on benchmarked historical loss data for each business insurance line of coverage. PHLY focuses on achieving agreed-upon loss reduction goals with the insured. In the case that the client has exceptional loss experience, PHLY will focus on activity standards which include "interest-sustaining activities" and program reviews as a partnership to help maintain the experience.
  • Activity Standards- Activity standards are measured by completion of agreed-upon specific location surveys, training courses, and program support materials.

Loss Trend Analysis and Risk Management Information System

PHLY's Loss Trend Analysis and Risk Management Information System provides the ability to:

  • Analyze claims data through a Windows-based software system
  • Utilize claims data from any time period
  • Provide extensive loss trending data analysis by line of coverage, loss frequency, loss severity, cause of loss, location, reporting time, reporting day, etc.
  • Chart and graph loss trend data and import into a PowerPoint presentation
  • Benchmark a risk's loss data against loss data for that product

Responding to Risk Management Recommendations

The PHLY Risk Management Services department has streamlined the recommendation response process by offering our policyholders and agents a new and exciting way to respond to our recommendation letters online, via our website.

In order to take advantage of this exciting new feature, you must be a registered user of our website.

Sprinkler Impairment Program

Situations where building fire protection systems, like automatic sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, water supplies, etc. are taken out of service (impaired), whether in whole or in part, present an increased risk to the well-being of occupants and the property itself. Therefore, it is important to take steps to manage these situations in an effort to reduce the threat to personnel and property. The implementation of a fire protection impairment program accomplishes this.

Resource materials can be found here, which include a guide to establishing an impairment program and materials used in its implementation. Should you need any additional assistance, please feel free to contact us at the information below.

REMINDER: Please notify us via the email address listed below of any situation where fire protection system(s) are taken out of service. Information to include is outlined in the resource materials.

Help Line Support for Fire Protection System Impairment

Available between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Eastern time
Call toll free: 800-873-4552

Fire Protection Impairment Program Guide
Fire Protection Impairment Permit (required prior to any system impairment)