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Non Profit Risk Management Tool

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PHLY policyholders can now build a customized risk management plan and policies that are specifically designed for non-profit and for-profit entities. PHLY is partnering with the Nonprofit Risk Management Center to offer this complimentary service, normally valued at $320. Watch this 90 second video to learn more.

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Tools & Customized Resources

  • Take an online risk assessment

  • Receive report with specific recommendations for your organization

  • Create your own custom risk plan in an easy, step-by-step module

  • Upload current plans, select samples, or draft an original plan

  • Download and review your custom plan

  • Online virtual filing cabinet stores your policies to edit, add, and create your own

How to Access

  1. Log into MyPHLY

  2. Click Risk Management Services (on left navigation)

  3. Register for the Nonprofit Risk Management Portal