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Abuse Prevention Services

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Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) offers a variety of services to assist your organization in reducing the risk of abuse. For those services where there is a fee arrangement, PHLY has pre-negotiated agreements with "best-in-class" vendors (PHLY does not receive any revenue from these alliances).

Abuse Prevention Systems/MinistrySafe

Abuse Prevention Systems (APS) and MinistrySafe are operated by sexual abuse attorneys and offer a turn-key safety system for a fee. Both provide convenient, easy-to-use, online resources proven to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse in children's programs.

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Abuse Prevention Systems was created to serve a full spectrum of child-serving organizations, including youth sports, day care centers, schools, clubs, and other non-profits. Learn more:

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MinistrySafe was created to meet the unique needs of faith-based organizations, including churches, camps, schools, mission organizations, and other ministry programming. Learn more:

Abuse Prevention Systems members enjoy these resources:

  • Sexual Abuse Awareness Training (online training and tracking)
  • Policies and Procedures (sample policy forms that dovetail with online training)
  • Screening Resources (forms AND training related to the use of forms)
  • Criminal Background Checks Systems for Tracking Compliance (online Control Panel to oversee system elements)

Go here for information on the resources included in an APS and MinistrySafe membership.
Use discount code PHLY at checkout for 20% off your first year's membership fee!

Human Services Abuse Prevention Training

PHLY Risk Management Services offers training designed for human services providers at no cost to PHLY policyholders. The session details appropriate interactions between human service providers and those they serve. Participants learn the definition of abuse and how their role as caregiver requires them to ensure an individual's quality of life is regarded with utmost importance. A final exam and completion certificate are also available on-line.

Home Health Aides Abuse Prevention Training

PHLY Risk Management Services offers a training session specifically designed for home health aides through our website. This session equips participants with an action plan that will provide the tools they need to begin appropriate, progressive service delivery systems to best serve their clients. This session will present an understanding to the definition of abuse and how you as a caregiver will never be in a position to commit this act. This training is available at no cost to PHLY policyholders, and a final exam and completion certificate are also available online.

IntelliCorp Records, Inc.

IntelliCorp Records, Inc., an affiliate of the Insurance Services Offices (ISO), is a provider of innovative decision-support products for employment and background checks and offers the best screening tools in the industry. IntelliCorp offers a wide range of innovative pre-employment verification and screening services, including criminal background checks, previous employment and education references, MVRs and more.

As a PHLY client, you receive the value-added benefit of reduced pricing and access to the largest criminal history database available. IntelliCorp provides customers with industry leading information solutions enabling them to make better decisions. No other provider gets you closer to the comprehensive, timely and accurate data you need. Your organization will avoid costly hiring and recruiting mistakes and limit exposure to risk litigation. PHLY policyholders can access IntelliCorp's employment solutions through our website. Please make certain you have your policy number available.

Some of the information available includes:

  • Workers compensation records
  • Education verification
  • Employment verification
  • Personnel assessments
  • Drug testing
  • Nationwide criminal records searches
  • Criminal Super Search - 50 states of criminal record data
  • Arrest and booking records
  • Statewide criminal searches
  • Civil court records
  • Single-county court searches
  • Federal criminal records search in all U.S. district courts
  • Motor vehicle records - all 50 states
  • Social security number verification
  • Credit reports

To get started:

  1. Access PHLY's IntelliCorp homepage
  2. Enter promotion code PHLY
  3. As part of the activation process you will need to submit a photocopy of your business license, vendor license, or your federal identification number on a legal/government document.