PHLY policyholders can now build a customized risk management plan and policies that are specifically designed for non-profit and for-profit entities.

PHLYTRAC Telematics Program

Change dangerous driving habits to help improve safety and protect your business.

PHLYTRAC is a proven system that helps businesses monitor and address dangerous driving at no extra cost to eligible PHLY customers.

PHLYTRAC is a GPS tracking solution that installs in minutes. Businesses get real-time insights on driver behavior, allowing for safe corrections that lower the risk of driver-related accidents. The program includes live maps, driver scorecards, a fleet management dashboard with vehicle health, and much more!

Visit the program page to learn more and click the button to be contacted about bringing PHLYTrac to your business.

Human Services Abuse Prevention Training

PHLY Risk Management Services offers training designed for human services providers at no cost to PHLY policyholders. The session details appropriate interactions between human service providers and those they serve. Participants learn the definition of abuse and how their role as caregiver requires them to ensure an individual's quality of life is regarded with utmost importance. A final exam and completion certificate are also available on-line.

Home Health Aides Abuse Prevention Training

PHLY Risk Management Services offers a training session specifically designed for home health aides through our website. This session equips participants with an action plan that will provide the tools they need to begin appropriate, progressive service delivery systems to best serve their clients. This session will present an understanding to the definition of abuse and how you as a caregiver will never be in a position to commit this act. This training is available at no cost to PHLY policyholders, and a final exam and completion certificate are also available online.

IntelliCorp Records, Inc.

IntelliCorp Records, Inc., an affiliate of the Insurance Services Offices (ISO), is a provider of innovative decision-support products for employment and background checks and offers the best screening tools in the industry. IntelliCorp offers a wide range of innovative pre-employment verification and screening services, including criminal background checks, previous employment and education references, MVRs and more.

As a PHLY client, you receive the value-added benefit of reduced pricing and access to the largest criminal history database available. IntelliCorp provides customers with industry leading information solutions enabling them to make better decisions. No other provider gets you closer to the comprehensive, timely and accurate data you need. Your organization will avoid costly hiring and recruiting mistakes and limit exposure to risk litigation. PHLY policyholders can access IntelliCorp's employment solutions through our website. Please make certain you have your policy number available.

Some of the information available includes:

  • Workers compensation records
  • Education verification
  • Employment verification
  • Personnel assessments
  • Drug testing
  • Nationwide criminal records searches
  • Criminal Super Search - 50 states of criminal record data
  • Arrest and booking records
  • Statewide criminal searches
  • Civil court records
  • Single-county court searches
  • Federal criminal records search in all U.S. district courts
  • Motor vehicle records - all 50 states
  • Social security number verification
  • Credit reports

To get started:

  • As part of the activation process you will need to submit a photocopy of your business license, vendor license, or your federal identification number on a legal/government document.


Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) is proud to partner with The ALICE Training Institute to offer seminars on "Response to a Violent Intruder." This seminar will present a comprehensive program to maximize the odds of survival should your organization suffer an active shooter event.

Topics Include:

  • Early warning signs of potential violent persons
  • Case histories and lessons learned
  • Can infrastructure security measures keep us safe?
  • Effective barricading & evacuation strategies
  • Liability concerns of following outdated plans & policies

Who Should Attend:

  • Agency Principals & Producers
  • Account Executives/Account Managers/CSRs
  • Social Service Agency and Non-Profit Professionals
  • School Administrators/Teachers
  • Church Pastors, Administrators, and Trustees
  • Business Owners


ALICE Training Institute is changing how schools, universities, and businesses respond to armed intruders. ALICE, developed after Columbine, teaches strategies to survive a life-threatening event. Supported by educators and law enforcement organizations, ALICE is quickly becoming the new standard of care across the nation.


As a registered user to our website, you are eligible to receive our Risk Management Services E-Flyers. These e-flyers are bulletins sent out periodically containing information on specific risks facing our insureds. Below is a sampling of some archived e-flyers:

Non-Profit Risk Management

The Non-Profit Risk Management Center offers risk management help specifically designed to address the needs of nonprofit organizations. These resources can be accessed through

Please visit PHLY Risk Management Portal on MyPHLY for access to all resources offered by PHLY.

Resources offered by the Risk Management Center include:

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