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Risk Management Hotline

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Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) policyholders can access the Risk Management Hotline in three separate ways. Initial correspondence with Wilson Elser is routed to the appropriate office based on the geographical region from which the phone call or online access originates. The hotline is monitored in each Wilson Elser office by a designated attorney between the hours of 8:30 AM ET to 5:00 PM PT each business day. If a call is received and not answered by an attorney, it will be routed to that office's PHLY-dedicated voicemail, which is checked twice daily. A return phone call should be expected within 12 hours of the initial inquiry. Please make sure that you have your policy number available when contacting Wilson Elser.


Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) has partnered with Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Dicker LLP , a nationally-recognized law firm, to offer a Risk Management Hotline. The Risk Management Hotline is currently available to all PHLY Management and Professional Liability division insureds.

The hotline provides policyholders with two free hours of legal consultation with knowledgeable attorneys on any matter that could potentially result in a claim under a PHLY policy. The 2 free hours is on a per-occurrence basis.

The Risk Management Hotline is NOT a loss reporting hotline. Claims should be reported using the normal procedures set forth within the PHLY policy. The purpose of the hotline is to help prevent a claim from being made or to limit the exposure of a particular insured once he or she is aware of facts and circumstances that might reasonably be expected to lead to a claim.

It is understood that the information provided by PHLY policyholders to Wilson Elser through the use of this hotline will be kept completely confidential from PHLY. The partnership will allow Wilson Elser to work with an insured in a confidential manner to reduce either the likelihood that a claim will be made or the exposure associated therewith. If a claim will be made, the insured will be instructed to advise PHLY of the facts and circumstances that might reasonably give rise to a claim.