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Please note that the final premium is subject to state of residence, selected insurance limits, and specific program affiliation pricing.

  • Anusara
  • Ashtanga
  • Bikram
  • Forrest
  • Hatha
  • Iyengar
  • Jivamukti
  • Kripalu
  • Kundalini
  • Vinyasa

The acronym is for Risk Purchasing Group. This is a master/group policy that you are paying a fee to be part of at a reduced rate.

This is asking if you are leasing part of your premises to someone else to run their business.

Basic limits are available on the website. To inquire about increase limits you must call customer service, 1-877-438-7459.

Standard coverages that are included in the policy are built into the base premium. You cannot have them removed to reduce the premium.

Policy follows the instructor anywhere they teach in the USA and internationally for short business trips that do not exceed 30 days.

Your individual policy covers only you and will not transfer to a substitute teacher. Your business policy will cover a substitute teacher.

Individual policyholders must prepay in full. Billing plans are available for business policyholders.

This policy covers various types of fitness training and yoga styles. If your style is not listed on the application please fill in the other section for underwriting consideration.

No, this policy does not cover you if you get injured on the job. This is a liability policy that protects you from claims brought against you or your business for bodily injury or property damage arising out of your negligence.

No, if you open up a studio you would need to upgrade to a business policy. Your individual policy excludes leasing, renting or owning studios or having employees or independent contractors.

A business policy is a separate policy. You will need to complete the business application from the apply now link under Products for Businesses.

Yes, our policy does not restrict age or gender of your students.

No, you do not need two policies. Our policy is designed to cover a variety of fitness activities and not limited to one specific type of activity per policy.

There is no fee to process Additional Insured requests online. Please click here to process your request.

No, since the policy is designed to cover the policyholder in all 50 states, it is not necessary to provide a list of locations.

Yes, limits can be increased for an additional premium. Maximum limits are $2,000,000/$5,000,000 for individual policyholders and $5,000,000/$5,000,000 for business policyholders.

Your individual policy will cover you while teaching at home. If you have a separate home studio business, that meets commercial zoning requirements, a business policy is required.

No, this coverage is built into the policy form. We cannot remove the coverage or decrease the premium.

No we do not offer health coverage.

Renewal processing can be done on the website by clicking the link to renew or you can send your payment in with your renewal notice.

On the website there is a link to add additional insured or send an e-mail to service@phly.com.

To retrieve an online copy of your policy you must have a "My Phly Account." To set this up you need to go to www.phly.com. You must have your policy number and account number available. You can call customer service at 1-877-438-7459 to have a copy e-mailed to you.

Membership to an association is no longer required. We encourage membership to an association because it verifies a level of accreditation within the industry.

Send an email to fwistudio@phly.com with the policy number you would like to cancel, the cancel date and a brief explanation for your reason to cancel.

Reach out to your licensed agent or our FWI team by phone 877-438-7459 or by email fwistudio@phly.com requesting to cancel the policy.

You should have received an initial invoice when your policy was processed. The policy automatically generates an invoice on the 1st of the month. Coverage has been bound in consideration of the payment of the Amount Due within the latter of:

  1. 21 days from the date of the invoice; or
  2. The policy effective date.

All coverage is considered null and void if payment is not made as required.

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