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School Bus Contractor Program

10 Reasons Why™

  1. Stated amounts available for Auto Physical Damage coverage
  2. Ability to issue required state and federal filings
  3. Loss runs available on demand
  4. School Bus Auto enhancement tailored for School Bus Contractors
  5. Ability to add Property & Commercial General Liability
  6. Multi-state capability with the exception of Louisiana, New York, Nevada, Michigan and Florida
  7. Umbrella Limits available up to $4,000,000 excess of $1,000,000 Primary when primary is written with PHLY
  8. Risk Management Services with expertise in evaluating School Bus fleets including driver screening and training
  9. Ability to add Abuse & Molestation to General Liability
  10. Installment plans available for accounts which generate at least at least $5000 in premium

School Bus Contractor Program 10 Reasons Why

Benefits of the Program

Philadelphia Insurance Companies' (PHLY) School Bus Contractor policy is insurance uniquely designed to fulfill a wide range of special insurance needs for School Bus Contractors Program is designed for School Bus operations contracted to local Public & Private Schools. This product is not available in NY, MI, NV and FL.

gets tridion to publish gets tridion to publish

PHLY's Vice President of Commercial Auto Underwriting, Mark Plousis, explains the best thing about PHLY's School Bus Contractors product.

Supplemental Applications

Please select state specific forms when applicable.

Documents Required for Proposal

  • Completed ACORD Applications
  • Completed and signed/dated School Bus Contractor Supplemental Application
  • Currently valued insurance company loss runs for the current policy period and three prior years
  • Copy of Operations Guidelines & Safety Manuals and MVRs

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