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Performing Arts

10 Reasons Why™

  1. Ability to write performing arts troupes and traveling performers as well as the center
  2. Non-audited General Liability coverage - exposure based on annual number of attendees and/or payroll
  3. Historical Building Replacement Cost available for qualified risks
  4. Many additional coverage extensions unique to performing arts including flexible coverages limits for property
  5. Contingent Business Income for dependent properties available
  6. Inland Marine coverage includes: sets, props, costumes, musical instruments, and fine arts
  7. Abuse and Molestation coverage available for qualified risks
  8. Aggregates per location or per event available
  9. General Liability, Directors & Officers Liability, and Umbrella all with one carrier
  10. Large Excess Limits available

Performing Arts 10 Reasons Why

Benefits of the Program

Philadelphia Insurance Companies' Performing Arts package is insurance uniquely designed to fulfill a wide range of special insurance needs for the Performing Arts sector including non-profit and for profit theaters, facilities, schools, camps, and troupes. Policies are custom tailored to address each insured's unique exposures. We offer separate limits for General Liability, Professional Liability, Abuse and Molestation (if eligible), and Tenant User Liability Insurance Protection (TULIP) if needed. In addition, we offer a separate Directors & Officers liability policy.

  • General, Professional, and Directors & Officers liability all with one carrier
  • Volunteers as Insureds coverage available
  • Abuse and Molestation coverage available

Supplemental Applications

Please select state specific forms when applicable.

Documents Required for Proposal

  • Completed and signed/dated PHLY Performing Arts Supplemental application
  • Completed ACORD applications (including crime and umbrella)
  • Currently valued insurance company loss runs for the current policy period plus three (3) prior years
  • Brochure, advertising materials, and website information
  • Schedule of events for coming year

Participant Accident Insurance

Participant Accident Insurance coverage is now available for this product through Philadelphia Insurance Companies' subsidiary, The Allen J. Flood Companies. Please complete the applicable application here and submit directly to

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