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Other Outdoor Insurance Programs

10 Reasons Why™

  1. Underwriters focus exclusively on outdoor recreation and hospitality related businesses
  2. One stop shopping for all your insurance needs. Property, Inland Marine, Crime, Liquor Liability and General Liability coverage bundled into one convenient policy
  3. Any recreational, outdoor activity or hospitality account can be a fit
  4. Coverage provided in all fifty states
  5. Forms available to address specific needs of the account
  6. Property capacity for high values of frame structures in unprotected areas
  7. Large Excess Limits available
  8. Specialized risk management services from Taylor & Associates, Inc.
  9. Ability to place coverage in multiple markets means you're less likely to see a declination
  10. If an exposure doesn't fit within the guidelines of our standard products, we still have options with Tokio Marine Specialty Insurance Company (non-admitted) or with First Mercury Group (non-admitted)

Other Outdoor Insurance Programs 10 Reasons Why

Benefits of the Program

You run a special operation. So when you insure with Gillingham & Associates, you get special treatment. Gillingham & Associates is unique. Unlike many competitors, we focus exclusively on outdoor- and recreation-related businesses. This means we have insights into this sector that large, faceless corporations don't.

Not only do we underwrite outfitters, guides, and other more "traditional" outdoor businesses, we also have a unit underwriting outdoor recreation and hospitality accounts that reach beyond the guidelines of The Great Outdoors Insurance Program. Simply put, any recreational or hospitality account can be a fit with Gillingham & Associates.

Clients often have exposures that require special underwriting attention or manuscript insurance coverages. Our outdoor industry-specific underwriting expertise gives us the ability to meet these needs by providing a complete multi-line package account providing coverage for their unique operations. The account may be quoted surplus lines to take advantage of rating expertise and coverage forms.

Since our underwriters work with business like yours every day, they can help you avoid buying unnecessary coverage and recommend areas where you might want to think about extra coverage, as well.

If your business provides outdoor recreation, hospitality or lodging services, you owe it to yourself to contact us. Just submit completed insurance applications and our underwriter will contact you to discuss the details of your operation. Don't forget waterborne activities, trekking, equine use, summer and winter sporting activities.

Underwriting and service is provided by experienced outdoor insurance professionals who understand the unique exposures provided by outdoor recreation and hospitality operations. Gillingham & Associates is committed to meet the distinctive needs of the outdoor recreation and hospitality industry.

*Please select state specific forms when applicable.

  • Coverage provided in all 50 states
  • Large Property Capacity
  • Coverage for Multiple Exposures Under One Policy


Please select state specific forms when applicable.

Supplemental Applications

Please select state specific forms when applicable.

Documents Required for Proposal

  • Completed signed/dated General Application
  • Completed signed/dated "Applicable" Supplemental Application
  • Completed ACORD application(s)
  • Brochures and/or website address
  • Waiver of Liability
  • Currently valued insurance company loss runs for the current policy period plus 3 prior years or a "No Loss" letter signed and dated by the insured for accounts below $3,500 in annual premium

Special Insurance Programs

  • Archery Retail & Archery Range
  • Dog Trials & Dog Clubs
  • Single Action Shooting Society

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