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Hunting Leases

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Producers/Brokers can get an annual premium indication online for hunting lease operations.

10 Reasons Why™

  1. No membership or association fees
  2. Club members included as additional insureds
  3. Landowners named as additional insureds
  4. Medical payments included at $1,000
  5. No exclusions for tree stands or ATVs
  6. Availability of Watercraft Liability
  7. Large Excess Limits available
  8. Separate policy available for the non-profit Directors and Officers Liability
  9. Ability to create a master policy for a multitude of clubs leasing land from a single landowner. Each club has their own limit of liability and the landowner has confidence that all clubs have adequate coverage from the same carrier
  10. Installment plans available for accounts which generate at least $2000 in premium

Hunting Leases 10 Reasons Why

Benefits of the Program

The hunt lease insurance program insures hunting clubs that lease land for the sole purposes of hunting, fishing and recreating. If the landowner leases to multiple clubs, we may consider a Master Policy, giving each club their own limit of liability. This is a monoline general liability program, using an ISO Occurrence form. Excess limits of liability are available

  • Landowners named as Additional Insureds
  • No Cross-Suit Exclusion
  • $1,000 Medical Payments Limit
  • No ATV or Tree Stand Exclusion
  • Club Members included as Additional Insureds

Supplemental Applications

Please select state specific forms when applicable.

Documents Required for Proposal

  • Completed signed/dated Hunting Lease Application
  • Currently valued insurance company loss runs for the current policy period plus 3 prior years, or a "No Loss" letter signed and dated by the insured for accounts below $3,500 in annual premium

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