Cyber Security Liability Endorsement

Our Cyber Security Liability Endorsement is designed to cover certain first and third party exposures, and round out the existing commercial package policy.

Benefits of the Program

The Cyber Security Liability Endorsement offers a sub-set of the stand-alone Cyber Security Liability Product with lower limits and premiums. The endorsement includes:

  • Coverage for Security Event Costs such as attorney fees, computer forensic costs, regulatory fines and penalties, customer notification expenses and public relation expenses
  • "Third Party" coverage triggered by any third party claim, lawsuit, or other demand that alleges damages resulting from a security breach or privacy breach of the insured's computer system
  • Employee Privacy Liability for claims resulting from a breach of the insured's employee's information

The endorsement is generally available for any commercial package policy that includes General Liability coverage. Products falling under the following categories can be considered:

  • Educational
  • Entertainment and Recreation
  • Environmental
  • Habitational
  • Health and Fitness
  • Industry Services
  • Non-Profit and Human Services
  • Outdoor Products
  • Public Services
  • Real Estate
  • Sports

Underwriting Contact

Evan Fenaroli, Sr. Underwriter

First Party Protection

  • Security Event Costs

Thirty Party Protection

  • Network Security and Privacy Liability
  • Employee Privacy Liability

Documents Required for Proposal

  • Completed, signed and dated PHLY Cyber Security Liability Endorsement - Supplemental Questionnaire (PI-CYBE-APP) or applicable completed Cyber section of the PHLY product Supplemental Application (a quotation can be provided from an acceptable and properly completed competitor application).

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