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Condominium Associations

10 Reasons Why™

  1. General Liability and Umbrella with the same carrier
  2. Property manager included as an additional insured
  3. Capacity for large property values
  4. Earthquake and Flood coverage available
  5. Ordinance or Law, Demolition, and Increased Cost of Construction coverage included
  6. Over 10,000 Condominium associations insured nationwide
  7. Directors and Officers coverage available
  8. High Umbrella/Excess Limits available
  9. Various replacement costs available (Guaranteed Replacement Cost/ Extended Replacement Cost/Agreed Value/Functional Replacement Cost)
  10. Boiler Machinery/Equipment Breakdown Coverage available

Condominium Associations 10 Reasons Why

Benefits of the Program

Philadelphia Insurance Companies offers Condominium Associations a comprehensive property and liability insurance policy that is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of condominium communities.

  • Special causes of loss on building, contents, loss of income, and extra expense
  • Definition of building to include pools, walkways, and fences
  • Real estate manager coverage available on crime coverage
  • Landscape Coverage including vandalism

Supplemental Applications

Please select state specific forms when applicable.

Documents Required for Proposal

  • Completed and signed Philadelphia Insurance Companies Residential Application
  • Color photographs of representative buildings and auxiliary buildings
  • Currently valued company loss runs for this policy period plus three years' prior
  • Current + 3 years presently valued company loss runs for accounts that generate up to $100,000 in premium. Current + 4 years presently valued company loss runs for accounts that generate over $100,000 in premium.
  • A Plot Plan
  • Latest Budget or Financial Statement
  • Insurance section of association documents if "All In" coverage is requested. "All In" is coverage for improvements and betterments to the interior of units that have been made at the expense of individual unit owners.

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