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Cyber Security

Cyber Liability Insurance can address a variety of risks related to the use of computers, internet, computer networks, and electronic information databases.

What is Cyber Liability insurance?

Cyber Liability Insurance can address a variety of risks related to the use of computers, internet, computer networks, and electronic information databases. A primary concern for most organizations is the threat of a data breach -- a security incident in which sensitive, protected or confidential data is copied, transmitted, viewed, stolen or used by an individual unauthorized to do so. Data breaches may involve financial information such as credit card or bank details, personal health information (PHI), Personally Identifiable Information (PII), internal communications, trade secrets of corporations or intellectual property.

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What creates cyber risk?

  • Internet connectivity
  • e-Commerce
  • Business websites and internet advertising
  • Customer forums and support/message boards
  • Credit card processing/online payment
  • Data storage, ISP, website design
  • Providing media content
  • Paper documents

Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage

  • Network Security & Privacy Liability - damages resulting from alleged violations of HIPAA and other privacy protection laws/regulations (state, federal or foreign), offering broad definitions of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI)
  • Security Event Costs - customer notification, fines/penalties, public relations expenses
  • Employee Privacy Liability - legal liability for breach of employees' PII or PHI
  • Electronic Media Liability - infringement of domain name, copyright, trade name, slogan, or service mark on the insured's website
  • Loss of Digital Assets - damage to or corruption of the insured's electronic data
  • Non-Physical Business Information - income reimbursement during period of restoration
  • Cyber Extortion threats and Cyber Terrorism

Cyber Loss Examples

  • Unauthorized Access: An international computer hacking group gained access electronically to the computerized cash registers of a restaurant chain and stole credit card information of 5,000 customers, starting a flood of fraudulent purchases around the world.
  • Human Error: An employee of a private high school mistakenly distributed via e-mail the names, social security numbers, birthdates and medical information of students and faculty creating a privacy breach. Overall, 1,250 individuals' information was compromised.
  • Security Event Costs: A regional retailer contracted with a third party service provider. A burglar stole two laptops from the service provider containing the data of over 800,000 clients of the retailer. Under applicable notification laws, the retailer - not the service provider - was required to notify affected individuals. total expenses incurred for notification and crisis management to customers was nearly $5,000,000.

Cyber Liability Insurance Solutions

  • Policy limits up to $20M available for select risks
  • Target Classes: Professional Services, Religious Organizations, Private Schools, Insurance Agents, Non-profits, Hospitality, Retail, Manufacturers, Healthcare, and many more
  • Prohibited Classes: Gambling, Adult Content, Lottery, Colleges, Mortgage Lenders, Data Warehousing/Data Brokers, Municipalities, and Public School Districts
  • Complimentary access to eRisk Hub cyber risk management portal


  • E&S Capabilities: If/when an insured needs modified wording or a risk falls outside of our filed and approved product offering, we are able to write Cyber business on Tokio Marine E&S paper.
  • Excess Cyber: We are now able to consider excess layers for Cyber coverage
  • Larger Risks: We are now able to consider Cyber risks whose annual revenues are in excess of $1B.
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