DocuSign Technology Makes PHLY Renewal Solicitation Process Quick and Easy- Philadelphia Insurance Companies

DocuSign Technology Makes PHLY Renewal Solicitation Process Quick and Easy

DocuSign Technology Makes PHLY Renewal Solicitation Process Quick and Easy

Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) is now sending renewal solicitations via DocuSign. This allows agents to quickly and conveniently do the following upon receiving the automated email notification:

  • View renewal letter and application
  • Review supporting documentation requirements
  • Delegate the application to the insured for completion, attachment of supporting documents, electronic signature

We implemented this technology in early 2022 to automate our renewal solicitation process for agents and policyholders and more recently made enhancements based on your feedback. The enhanced process includes a collaborative feature focused on increasing agency involvement in renewal application completion.

Watch the step-by-step training video below!

What's NEW in Renewals:

In addition to all previous capabilities, AGENTS are now able to:

  • Utilize an Assign to Someone Else feature that allows for reassigning envelopes to other individuals within your agency.
  • In collaboration with the policyholder, contribute to as much or as little of the application completion process as you would like, prior to forwarding to the policyholder for finalization.
  • Attach any supporting documents, if applicable.


  • Utilize the Assign to Someone Else feature, to reassign the envelope to another individual within their business if they do not have the correct title for document signature purposes OR if they wish to send the envelope back to the agency contact for review prior to sending it to PHLY.
  • Differentiate between required versus optional fields, as well as agency-contributed info.
  • Easily identify additional information requirements based on question-and-answer prompts.

Same Process, New Enhancements:

Just as before, upon the policyholder's signature, the application and supporting documents will be sent automatically to PHLY, with copies to the agent and the policyholder. A PHLY representative will contact you directly if we require any additional information.

View our Training Guide for more details:

Renewal Training Guide img

These enhancements are part of The PHLY Difference in an effort to improve ease of doing business!

Still Have Questions?
In addition to the training video and renewal guide, DocuSign will walk users through the online process. Agents and policyholders can contact with any questions.

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