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Meet Our Employees

At Philadelphia Insurance Companies, our employees are our #1 asset. We asked some of them to share their experiences and opinions about the company.

Nick Colletta Nick Colletta
Underwriting Manager
PHLY employee since 2006

"My perception of the insurance industry before I started working in it was that it was old and slow-paced. I feel like that mold has been broken. The insurance industry isn't your grandfather's insurance industry anymore. The key is about finding a company whose culture intertwines with your own and once you find that you can go far both professionally and personally."

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Marla Rubel Marla Rubel
HR Business Partner
PHLY employee since 2013

"We have a lot of opportunities for advancement for our employees. We have our performance management process; we also have the development planning process which allows employees to very much participate in the planning of their future here at PHLY."

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Bob Battaglia Bob Battaglia
Assistant Vice President, Underwriting
PHLY employee since 2006

"I think it's a fast-paced environment that we have here at PHLY. I don't think I've ever worked at any other insurance company where it goes by this quickly. It's not like you're sitting there doing the same mundane thing day after day. Every day brings a new set of issues to deal with and it makes it fun."

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