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Why Timely Reporting

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At Philadelphia Insurance Companies, reporting a claim is as easy as 123. Just follow these instructions and we will expedite your claim as fast and friendly as possible.

There is good reason to report all losses timely

The faster Philadelphia Insurance Companies receives your new notice of loss, the quicker we can assist in managing the necessary claim recovery services, to expedite the claim settlement process. Prompt notification on your part, which triggers a prompt response from us, works to reduce the expenses associated with most auto, property, and third party liability claims.

A delay of just a few days, for instance, can increase costs by as much as 50 percent over a loss reported shortly after it occurs. A prompt report of loss can result in a reduction of downtime for damaged automobiles, office equipment, or other essential property. Also, injured and non-injured claimants may receive the timely instruction and attention they require, to reduce the emotional and/or financial impact of an unfortunate accident.

When your loss is reported, we immediately assign a file number for your future referencing needs. If notification is not verbally reported, you will be contacted within 24 hours to confirm receipt of, file number, and the name of your servicing representative. You will be contacted within one business day by your claims servicing representative.

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