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Safe-Wise Youth Services Organizations and Aquatics

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Philadelphia Insurance Companies has created a partnership with Safe-Wise Consulting, LLC, to provide third-party safety and risk assessments for organizations serving youths associated with Philadelphia Insurance Companies.

Safe-Wise focuses on key exposures including aquatic safety, child abuse prevention, employee safety, general risk management practices, and asset protection. Safe-Wise strives to support an organization's mission-driven efforts while strengthening practices that ensure safety and responsible management of risks for the organization, staff, and community.

Programs and Services

Safe-Wise understands the unique risks that are associated with the mission of youth agencies. They focus on core issues such as child abuse prevention, aquatic safety, employee safety, and program safety. They will work with your client to develop a professional and systematic approach to managing risks and making their facilities a safer place to be. Due to their unique combination of practical experience and safety knowledge, Safe-Wise can provide the insight to serve our clients efficiently and effectively.

Additional unique aquatic safety training seminars and facility inspections are also available at a reduced cost to PHLY insureds. Question on specific pricing should be directed to your local regional PHLY Risk Management Services consultant.